Vision of integrity

Integrity is one of the most important aspects of good governance. Citizens depend on the public services and these can only be trusted if civil servants act ethically. This is an important subject which is receiving increasing attention. Integrity is seen as a precondition for the quality and proper functioning of the public sector.

Improve organisations

The main aim of the Dutch National Integrity Office is to improve the learning skills of organisations so as to enable them to shape their own ethics and integrity policies. We use a broad definition of integrity since it involves much more than laws, regulations and procedures.

Good employers

Of equal importance, if not more, is to make provision for an open culture, to have model conduct among managerial staff and to strengthen the moral competence of civil servants and their managers by means of education and training. To attain this good civil servants and good employers are needed. This means that the civil servant should deal carefully and responsibly with the powers, resources and information to which he/she has access for the benefit of the general good which he/she serves.

Range of products

A good employer is responsible for adopting a good integrity policy and protecting civil servants by removing risks and temptations and teaching and encouraging them to make sound moral judgments. The National Integrity Office developed a range of products that supports both civil servants as employers in reaching this target.

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