Tasks of BIOS

To achieve its main aims the Dutch National Integrity Office (BIOS) fulfils five tasks.


BIOS is constantly developing instruments that can be used to discuss, test or improve integrity within the organisation, such as dilemma training videos for civil servants and counsellors, all kinds of manuals and handbooks, and risk assessment tools.

Sharing knowledge

BIOS is actively gathering and making available integrity-related knowledge, and sharing this via courses for integrity officers, hosting a website and publishing the Integrity Yearbook


BIOS connects policy-makers, practitioners and scholars by hosting a variety of integrity platforms, such as the yearly Day of Integrity conference, but also workshops, network meetings, and round tables to exchange experiences and best practices.


BIOS monitors national and international developments in the area of integrity, tracks national and international best practices, participates in research projects, carries out academic studies and issues publications.

Advising on investigations

BIOS advices local governments on how to address breaches of integrity by political office holders. Such advice can be, for instance, on how to conduct an investigation, how to outsource an investigation, how to learn from such an incident and how to prevent it.