Book: Integrity management in the public sector - The Dutch approach

This book provides an overview and analysis of the Dutch integrity management approach. In the Netherlands, public integrity was placed on the agenda in the early 1990s. Dutch efforts in the field of integrity management can therefore be qualified as relatively long lasting.

Integrity management in the public sector, The Dutch approach describes how the Dutch integrity system operates from both a national (part I) and an organisational (part II) perspective. The final section of the book (part III) contains academic reflections. 

All in all, the book provides insights that might inspire other countries in their own efforts to manage integrity. This book’s target audience includes policy-makers, ethics and integrity entities, anticorruption agencies, integrity and compliance officers, as well as NGOs, students, and researchers.

Integrity and integrity management in the Netherlands
Describing the scene, definitions, strategies and developments
Alain Hoekstra
, Isabel Gaisbauer and Leo Huberts

The national perspective

Integrity in public administration
Responsibilities of the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations
Richard Hagedoorn and Melanie Hermus

The Dutch National Integrity Office
Supporting public integrity
Alain Hoekstra and Marijn Zweegers

Reporting malpractices in the Dutch public sector
Alex Belling and Ed Fenne

Integrity investigations in the Netherlands
Quality and credibility
John Mathew Groot

Criminal investigation
First aid for administrative mishaps
Erik Hoenderkamp

Monitoring integrity
The development of an integral integrity monitor for public administration in the Netherlands
Terry Lamboo and Jessica de Jong

The organisational perspective

An organisation with integrity: feasible or a question of ideals?
On the design of the integrity position within the Hellevoetsluis
municipal authority
Aafje Stout

Part of day-to-day practice in the City of Amsterdam
Jeanine Kooistra

Integrity management behind bars
Dick van Lingen

Integrity incorporated in strategy and daily processes
The Netherlands Tax and Customs Administration
Hans Visser

The Province of Limburg
The integrity network works
Rick Duiveman

Academic reflections

Integrity as a shared responsibility
Willeke Slingerland

A ‘forerunner’ in public service ethics in Europe
A critical evaluation
Christoph Demmke

Dutch approach to integrity of governance in context
Leo Huberts

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